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Violence Against Muslim

2017 Patan riots

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The 2017 Patan riots refers to the riots between Muslims and Hindus in the Vadavali village in Gujarat’s Patan district.


According to the police the violence started following a minor fight between two students of different communities.[2][3] Sunsar residents stated that Muslim students had beaten Hindu students and them being attacked by Vadavali residents when they reached there, while Vadavali residents accused Thakores of starting the riots.[4]

The mobs attacked and looted around 50 Muslim houses and set them on fire including many vehicles.[2] Two people were killed, and ten were injured,


The Indian government deployed 100 police personnel and two companies of State Reserve Police at the village.[5] In an official report sent to the revenue department, the district collector of the district, KK Nirala called the event a "Hindu-Muslim riot" and media reports said the violence followed after a fight between a Muslilm student and a Thakore student outside an examination centre.[6] However, a report by Vadavali Nagrik Adhikar Samiti, an NGO formed by human rights workers and lawyers, stated that the violence was a well planned and organised attack on the Muslims residents by a team that included a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party. The police filed two FIRs, which included 31 people of Thakore community, and 14 Muslims. A total of 14 arrests have been made.

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